Move Over Phone Sex: It’s Now Video Sex and Web Cam Girls

It used to be the breathy voice of an anonymous stranger over the phone, which turned us on. That lady’s voice would whisper what she wanted us to do to her with our big appendages. Talking dirty was the key to a small gold mine for phone sex operators around the globe. Because there were no pictures the positions were open to anyone, who could pretend to sound like an attractive girl having sex. Customers were really paying to use their own imaginations; which is not so surprising really.

A very big part of sex is what happens between the ears, we all turn ourselves on and off, when it comes down to it. The brain controls our experiences of pleasure and pain. And, as Chrissy used to sing, “it’s a fine line between….” Well, move over phone sex: it’s now video sex and web cam girls. Which I suppose will put quite a few fat, ugly and gender challenged phone sex workers out of a job. No longer will the operative be able to lounge around in tracky daks watching daytime soaps whilst pretending to be having the sexual experience of her life.

Good looking girls with great bodies and flexible moves will be coming to the fore. Camera skills may also be important if the operative is running a solo operation. Narcissism is a quality that would take these girls to the top of their trade. Disembodied sex is all part of the digital revolution, with smart phones capturing all the action and the girls giving a running commentary. It reminds me of the race caller, really, “now, I am coming down the main straight, yes I’m coming, I’m coming, I am really coming now”. Phone sex versus video sex an all girl wrestling match; so UFC.

The voyeur watching women doing things to themselves online is the boy in the bubble. Safe from germs and bacteria, safe from bodily fluids; and safe from any real human contact. Sex or masturbation? I watched a great movie about men falling in love with the disembodied voices on their phone’s operating system; it was called She. People were having relationships with their electronic devices, which is not too far away from what is happening in the world today. A sexy voice will always have a place in the hearts and groins of humanity. Excuse me Sir, would you like pictures with that?