Online Retail Can Work Big or Small

Online business is a booming industry and a growing of companies and business owners are making the necessary changes to integrate their services over the internet. This is indeed a noteworthy endeavor especially with the rapid growth of online users in this present day and age. Newcomers in the online business industry however, feel a bit reluctant to test the waters with regards to integrating online services. Some find it intimidating to start an online retail business especially since there are already several established brands that are out there in the market. With that being said, online retail can definitely work big or small particularly when business owners play their cards right.

As mentioned earlier, several established online retail brands have already setup their services over the internet. This however, did not stop a huge number of small businesses from starting their own online retail store as well and they were able to find a good measure of success and now have a steady supply of customers on a regular basis. How were they able to find success in such a competitive environment such as the online retail?

Well the answer is simple, big online retail brands provide a huge variety of products to their clients on a day to day basis. Their item selection is vast and expansive giving their customers a wide array of categories to choose from making purchase easy and fast. One minor detail however that they are missing are the customizations, special offers, discounts and other great incentives which small online retail stores really excel at providing.

If you are looking for linen sheets in Australia for example, the Amazon store front may not be the most practice place to shop for such items. They do have a wide selection of linen but customization is either limited or not an option at all. Small online retail stores however, know what they are doing and are more focused in a more user defined experience in which their customers have firm control over the items that they are purchasing.

The demand of linen sheets can vary from person to person. This is the reason why it can be a bit of a hassle to purchase these items in big online retail store. The smaller ones not only give their customers a variety of linen options to choose from but also allow several customizations for their products. These small online retail stores are also confident that they can provide whatever size that they need which totally depends on their customer’s preference and taste.

In addition, small online retail businesses are able to engage directly to their customers and the response time is definitely shorter compared to the bigger plays in the online retail industry. A more customer oriented approach makes their clients feel that they are special and are worth every minute of their time. This in turn makes it easy for customers to change any minor detail that they like before purchasing them.

There is no denying how popular the bigger plays in the online retail industry are. With that being said, success is not measured depending on how big or small your online retail but is gauged depending on the quality of service and products that you provide to your clients.

What Social Media Is Next – And Will You Embrace It?

Social Media.We’ve seen a fair share of social media websites that aim to innovative and change the way online users interact and engage with their friends, loved ones as well as relatives. Companies and business owners alike love the overall attention that they are getting with this particular platform. Social media truly is the next big step in terms of marketing and promotions with millions of daily and active users who are logged in their respective accounts. For modern day entrepreneurs a good question to ask them is that are they willing to embrace social media?

We’re already quite familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as one of the fine examples of social media websites. With that being said, likes and preferences can oftentimes changes allowing several opportunities to find the next social phenomenon. Many have step up to answer the call paving the way for new social media websites each with their own unique feature and brand. Further, the emergence of several phone related apps has vastly improved how we share our experience to our friends as well as to our followers.

Take for example, Periscope which allows users to broadcast live video from anywhere to the world through their mobile devices. Followers can join, comment send users hearts in real time as they are broadcasting. It is like watching their experience from your very own perspective which is quite a nifty feature. Another related App is Meerkchat which functions quite the same providing one of the easiest and most powerful way for spontaneous shared experiences. Pressing ‘Stream’, allows users to instantly live stream video from their phone to everywhere.

Chatting has also seen several changes embracing the latest and up to date trends. For instance, Snapchat allows for fast and fun mobile conversation. Users can snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend.

These new platforms can be handled and developed for business and this is made possible through management of new social media. This in turn makes it easy for companies to integrate their services and brand to the respective social media platforms making them accessible to a large number of users all over the world. Let us look at other noteworthy examples.

In an age where it is important to stay connected at all times, Yik Yak gives users the power to get a live feed of what everyone’s saying around them. A simple but a very intuitive feature that lets people discover the community around them.

Last but definitely not the least is Tsu, which is an invite-only platform that rewards social activity for all users. Just like other related social media websites, users can share photos, videos, and any type of content with their friends and followers. With that being said, Tsu differentiates itself from competitors by allowing its users to maintain ownership of the content they post.

The online community is ready to embrace the next big thing with regards to social media. For that matter, it is important for companies today to be open and willing to accept minor or even some drastic changes in order to cater to the preference and taste of their fans. This in turn, rewards as it helps boost their overall online presence.

Are Your Financial Planning Details Safe From Hackers?

Are-Your-Financial-Planning-Details-Safe-From-HackersFinancial planning is important for everyone. Having a solid financial plan can benefit people whatever income levels and backgrounds he is. It is imperative to have a proactive approach to securing financial well-being especially in today’s economic climate. Being prepared financially can help us reach our goals. Investing in our future requires careful planning to maximize financial returns while minimizing the risk to our investment. Today is the best time to plan and prepare for our retirement. The earlier we start planning for our retirement the better we will be financially prepared once we stop working.

Start planning for your retirement today by taking control of your superannuation. A self managed superannuation fund can help you take control of your assets. An SMSF gives you total control over how your super is invested. Make your own investment choices for your retirement than leave your super to be invested by others. An SMSF management company can help set up your account, establish fund and insurance, help in administration, actuarial, accounting and taxation.

There are over AU$400 billion in assets owned by SMSF. Due to its popularity, it’s not quite surprising that it is often the target of hackers and thieves. SMSF were more exposed to cybercrime because people rarely checked their accounts. Now that financial transactions are normally done online, it is much easier for cybercriminals to steal our private information, assume our identity and steal our assets. So you might be asking, are your financial planning details safe from hackers? Nothing is 100% safe today, even cloud storage can be compromised. Cyber hacking is becoming common these days. Banks and even government agencies have been victims of hacking.

Most people store their personal information on their devices. It is important to protect your devices when you’re online. Personal information can be stolen without your knowledge. The common denominator in all types of cybercrime from phishing to investment scams is the misuse of personal information. Information such as name, address, date of birth, phone number, tax file number and bank details should be kept. Your identity can be compromised every time you give your personal information online.

Here are some tips for DIY investors to protect their SMSF against hacking:
Be wary of websites – hackers are becoming more sophisticated they are creating websites that looks convincing even providing links to fake regulatory and government sites to add credibility.

Do not give your BSB and account number to anybody or send it via email. Bank details can be illegally used to empty the cash in your account.

Protect your identity – keep your personal details such as name, date of birth, address, photo and signature as secret as possible. Limit the amount of personal information you publish online.

Secure your devices – your computer or mobile devices may have a virus that collects your personal information and send it to the hackers. Ensure that you have a security software and strong password. Regularly update your software when fixes become available.

Ignore unsolicited email offers to purchase your SMSF shares. Guard your email address, it is best to delete messages if you don’t recognize the sender’s name.

Don’t respond to messages that your account will be closed and ask for personal information.

Websites where sensitive information is required like shopping or banking should have an “s” after the “http” the s stands for secure and should appear before you login. Small lock icon should also appear on the address bar.

If you suspect that your account has been hacked, the first thing you should do is to report the issue to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network. ACORN is a one-stop shop where you can submit a complaint to be forwarded to the relevant agency to see if it warrants an investigation. It also gives advice to help people recognize and avoid hacking or any common types of cybercrime. Reporting cybercrime will help protect yourself from future attacks and ensure that law enforcement resources can help your case.

Natural Therapists: Slow Adopters of Digital Technology?

girl is relaxing from massage by professional therapistsSeveral industries have benefited greatly from the reach, power as well as the popularity of digital technology. This in turn opened the door to several opportunities for new as well old companies alike to try out new platforms to market and advertise their business. The online media space has been one of the most effective ways to develop brand and product recognition and is now being used by a huge number of business owners all over the world. With that being said, there are some fields that are still adapting to such changes making progress a bit too low.

Natural therapists are considered to be slow adopters of digital technology. The reason behind this is that the field of natural therapy is somewhat of a niche market and a lot of practitioners think that online advertising isn’t that quite important. This however, changed gradually over time as some are starting to wake up.

We’re seeing a lot more natural therapists on Linked In, but some are going much further than that. Health professionals and psychologists are realizing you can’t think that having a $150-per-year profile on a health directory is going to make you successful. Indeed, Linked In is able to help to give natural therapists some form of online exposure but clearly that is just not enough especially today as hundreds of Linked In profiles are made on a regular day to day basis making it harder for one to stand out amongst the sea of crowd.

SEO have been a very good in giving companies a good measure of success in the online industry. They are able to generate traffics and leads for them and use this to draw the attention and interest of a specific target audience. It is good to hear that some health professionals such as Balmain Osteopaths are even, as a small business are getting on-board with SEO companies and their earnest efforts integrating their services over the SEO approach did not seem go to waste.

SEO’s seamless and less intrusive approach in advertising is one of its many features making it awfully popular in different industries. The field of natural therapy is slowly adapting to such changes and this is quite apparent as more and more individuals are making good use of several search engine websites when looking up a particular service such as therapy and massage. Companies are more likely to be one of the generated search engine results when they make use of one of the many features of a SEO agency.

Natural therapy is a booming and thriving industry with a growing number of practitioners as well as interest especially to those who want to make good use of this particular service. Make it easy for your audience to find you over the internet. Look up and inquire about the services of a SEO agency today. Learn more about SEO services and how they can affect your company’s popularity today. Fortunately, finding them online is quite an easy task.