Blue Collar Industries: The Most Aggressive For Google Rankings

In the online digital universe, the most important element to a web presence is ranking, because these days, all of the buying decisions start with an online search.

Google Ranking Blue Collar JobsYou would think that lawyers, real estate agents or banks and medical centres are the ones who would care most about ranking well on Google, but in fact, it’s the plumbers, custodial workers, pest control companies and builders who are the most aggressive when it comes to getting at least a spot on the first page of the search engines. Even painters, construction foremen, end of lease cleaning providers, and kitchen removal people are fanatical about their Google rankings.

Getting found online when people type in a phrase or keyword is now absolutely critical. In fact, the success or failure of a business may be due to their results in a Google search when customers are looking online for products and services they offer.

So, how does a blue collar industry or worker get to the top of Google ranking? What everyone needs to know is that Google loves quality, authenticity, authority, and usability.

• Start by having a plan and conducting research, then learn and implement marketing basics.

• Build a website or even a blog site and structure it so that it’s organised, interesting and easy to navigate.

• Invest in content marketing and SEO. A local service that’s in high demand like a pest control business would benefit from content marketing and SEO. Customers in need of this type of service use Google and other search engines to locate one. Showing up first in the search engines gives that business a head start, and then the potential customer makes further decisions based on what they read on that website. It’s crucial to have well-written and high quality content as it will serve to inform those that are interested in your services and provide them value making them decide on picking your company.

• Build a digital footprint by connecting and reaching out to others. You can do guest blogging or do PR and even partner up with other sites. This way you can fuel the content machine by having backlinks, mentions, content distribution which can create connections organically.

• Be social and connect to networks relevant to your audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, every social media platform should be considered as these channels can greatly help a business in connecting and interacting with the best possible audience.

It does not come as a surprise why the blue collar industries are the most aggressive for Google rankings. Since they are on the lower-paid margins of the economy, dominating the search engines would mean more income and stability.

Will Facebook Soon Be Social Media For Over-50s Only?

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has transformed the way people communicate and express themselves, voicing out opinions and sharing them with the world. As an online social networking site, Facebook has something to offer to different age groups – from connecting with friends and family, as well as keeping them aware about the news and world events.

Facebook Social Media for Over 50s

The growth of older adults using social media has been surprisingly high over the past years. For the 50 and over age group, Facebook is more appealing as it’s very easy to use. With this platform, there is little need to remember names or email addresses and it offers real-time access to people at different locations around the world.

Sharing and the need for communication become more vital with age, and this is why Facebook is also more attractive to older people. It’s a platform for them to share their feelings, opinions, and experiences relating to their world, their home and family with friends via videos and photographs.

Aside from being social, Facebook may be a really good vehicle for older people to find what they’re looking for in terms of social commerce and even financial planning help.

Facebook used to be a one-stop shop for all social-networking needs, but there has been a notable decline in its younger demographic, particularly the teens and the tweens. It’s no longer the younger crowd’s favourite digital hangout as the way people are engaging with social networks is changing rapidly.

One of the other reasons why the younger generations are jumping off Facebook is because of the emergence of different social networking sites and apps which is dividing their attention. Teens and tweens like social media platforms which lets them do it all – write, text, chat, and meet new friends and share their pictures and videos, and they don’t mind joining and keeping various sites as each one offers something interesting and different to them.

Some of the apps and websites the younger generations are heading to after Facebook are:

Micro-blogging apps and sites

Texting apps

Self-Destructing/Secret apps

Chatting, Meeting, Dating apps and sites

With Facebook losing its younger audience, the big question is, will it soon be social media for over 50’s only?

Can Your Personal Sexual Preferences Be Hacked?

In this digital world, no one is no longer safe from hackers, and the risk of attack rises significantly every day. Hacking used to be constrained to big companies like SonyeBayEvernote and Feedly, but this is not how it is today. From large to small companies, celebrities and even regular consumers, we all have something of value to protect, and for hackers, everyone has become a potential target.

We know from the reported incidents that there has been a significant increase in the number of data breaches at the present time where personal information such as names, birthdays, email addresses, telephone numbers and bank account information are exposed. Even personal sexual preferences can now be hacked!

One of the victims of the recent hacking attacks is Adult, one of the world’s biggest adult dating sites for people looking to find dates, hookups, swinging partners, sex communities and other alternative partners.

Hacked Adult Friend Finder Site

The adult dating site’s members are extremely concerned that their most sensitive and personal information has been leaked since most of the members’ data, such as names, email addresses, birthdays and even sexual preferences and fetishes are among the personal information stolen by the hackers.

Members of this site are required to sign up and typically have member profiles where they can post nude selfies or express their sexual interests or fantasies. Since it’s almost like a social network for sex, we would generally think that they meet up for sex, have phone sex or whatever they agree on. They also provide credit card information to pay for a subscription or unlock additional features.

All hacking incidences come with losses beyond measure to the victims. The information they have provided in their profile can be used by cyber criminals to blackmail them, which can also lead to an emotional trauma or a devastating financial loss.

The reality is that hacking has become painfully common and goes largely undetected. The cyber criminals are out there. They are extremely clever and they mean business which means we all have to find a way to protect ourselves and tighten our security so that we do not become a victim of online fraud.