How to Get Instafamous: Be All the Bilzerian You Can Be

Never underestimate how stupid the mob is. Picture a sheep wanting to become famous on Instagram; is that ewe? Do you long to ram yourself into the digital memory of as many members of your flock as possible? Do you #love very #cute #instagood images of #kittens and other #feelgood stuff? Do you wrestle with issues of ego over id, and aspire to a NSFW lifestyle? Is getting famous your sole goal in life? Personal marketing in the twenty first century is de riguour, it seems. Instafamous is the new measuring stick, but don’t beat yourself over the head with it.

How to Get Instafamous: Be All the Bilzerian You Can Be

“It’s not just what you sell. It’s how you sell it”, according to someone called Dharmesh Shah. Inspiration is the mantra of the modern era, in his mind. It is shortcut heaven, where you can become famous for playing poker and, generally, playing with yourself. Social media is like a permanent stay in the supermarket checkout aisle, confronted by all those celebrity porn magazines. There are those that aspire to this kind of infamy and those that wish to escape from it, having already achieved it. Keep your private life on lockdown to avoid the glare of prying eyes and salacious appetites.

Remember those sheep on the mountain side, where the grass is always greener…on the other side. Are you a bah, bah, bah…barbarian or a true Hellene in every sense? Be generous in your outlook and behaviour. Give out lots of free gifts, whenever you can, but not crap, make your Troy horses worthy of your time and energy. Open your world to the camera-eyes of the globe. Present yourself to their view with all the verve you can muster.

The dilemma is not, just, how to get Instafamous, it is how to stop it once you have got there. Wear famous brands, like No Logo. Demand that multinational corporations like Nike, Apple and Google pay their fair share of tax on offshore earnings. Race a horse in the Melbourne Cup and call it “Ban Gambling”. Share photos of yourself with scantily dressed kittens. Always smile, even, when attending funerals and wakes. Smile, #smile, and smile some more. Eat more lamb, even, if you are a vegetarian. Wear Ugg boots in summer, but not much else. Trust in following the flock, wherever it leads. Be yourself!

How Are You Marketing Yourself Online?

The modern workplace is fraught with peril: from the inevitable ill-timed papercut which always seems to appear on the finger that you most need for texting, to individuals who eat your clearly marked food out of the fridge. However, no peril is greater or more costly to a business than that posed by the improper use of social media during working hours. People love to be connected at all times and even while at work, millions of people regularly check their social media feeds, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and a slew of others. Collectively, this results in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of productivity around the world. The truth, is social media is not the enemy of your business; rather depending on how it is utilized, it can actually be its saviour.

How can social media help my business?

First and foremost, you will need to design your own personal digital strategy. The use of social media has been instrumental in the meteoric rise of many campaigns and businesses around the world, from presidential campaigns like Barack Obama’s in 2008, to creating billion-dollar industries like Facebook. The fact is, social media is an immensely powerful tool when leveraged correctly to be able to get information about your business out to the public, to help people understand what you and your business offer, and in many cases, to help build an important fanbase of individuals who will not just follow your page on Facebook or other social media links but will share them to other friends as well.

Doing it right

One of the most important things about getting your social media strategy done right is to have a professional social media marketing team helping. Just owning a Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat account is not enough to be considered expert. There are specialist advertisers who work to help increase your social media footprint and get your information out in a way the public will find interesting – and that will become self-perpetuating.

Self-perpetuating is the key. The goal, of course, is that for every one person you reach, he or she will send it on to many others. When done correctly, this can lead to greater than exponential growth as friends share with other friends about the services or products you offer. However, a winning campaign is not done by chance usually, but rather it is done by individuals with expertise in the market, people who understand the power and the proper utilization of social media, and by individuals who know that it is not just enough to put out a good deal, it is more important to utilize social media to make a human connection with your prospective clients.

Making a strategy that’s right for you

The kind of strategy you implement and the things you will do will all vary between different businesses and depend on you as a person. As mentioned earlier, the greatest tip for being able to enhance your web presence, and get people to follow you and share details on social media, is the social aspect. Work less on trying to sell items, and more about selling the brand. Work hard at actually creating authentic digital social relationships with prospective clients and let them do the advertising for you.

Online Interior Design Games Becoming Explosively Popular

Online Interior Design GamesWhen we think of online games, the common notion would be that it is primarily a distraction and a good form of entertainment at the same time. But did you know that there are also online games where the ultimate objective is to build, design and decorate a virtual house? Yep. Adorning and accessorising these virtual spaces can be amusing and fulfilling, too. In fact, online interior design games are becoming explosively popular, thanks in part to TV shows about real life kitchen improvements. For more details about real life kitchen improvements you can click here.

Online Interior Design Games Becoming Explosively Popular

For amateur interior designers and professionals out there, a lot of home decorating apps, online interior design games, and online virtual room programs and tools are just a click away. Everyone can feel and act like a superstar home designer as a result of the growing number of online interior design games and apps available on your handheld devices.

More often than not, our designs for home improvements and renovations do not look good in reality. The dining table and chairs we really want may not fit perfectly well in the dining area’s theme and size. Moreso, it can be quite difficult to tell if plastering our kitchen walls with shades of red will look appealing. Truth be told, choosing the right furniture, wallpaper, window treatment and appliances tend to be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are online interior design games and apps that will guide us in designing our homes and that will allow us to express our creativity. Here are some of them:

Best Online Interior Design Games and Apps for You

  • The Sims 3

Well, who doesn’t love Sims? Right? One thing that we love about the whole Sims series is that users can build their own dream house and furnish them. If you don’t have the finances yet for a real-life home improvement, you can create your own virtual avatar in Sims and develop your own virtual space for free.

  • Digital Dollhouse

Digital Dollhouse is the virtual take of our childhood favourite dollhouses. In here, you will build your own room where you will show off your unique taste and style in home interiors. For sure, people are going to love your design!

  • Homestyler Interior Design

This FREE app will let you capture an actual space, upload it on the app, and furnish it with an array of real items that are updated regularly. Homestyler Interior Design will help you change the colour of your wallpaper and change your home furniture in real time. If and when you are ready to purchase the item, there is a detailed product description and price range on every item.

  • MagicPlan

MagicPlan is an awesome tool that can give you a floor plan of an actual room. Just take a photo of the space you would want to renovate and the app will take the measurements for you.

Is Sex Safe on the Internet?

The Internet has proven itself to be a useful tool in today’s world. With it, we can send files in a matter of seconds. For foodies, they can now look up for new restaurants and read customer reviews without having the need to check it out by themselves. More so, the Internet provides us a seemingly boundless communication network where people who are miles apart can do business or talk about personal things.

Due to these developments, many businesses have increased their online presence. As a matter of fact, companies now include digital and social media marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Even industries that offer explicit content have also proliferated online. Based on data, 4 percent of the most trafficked websites are adult themed. But despite this number, it seems that sex has dominated the digital sphere.

People who are looking for casual fun can book escorts or prostitutes in just a click. Moreover, porn websites have reigned the Internet traffic. Without a surprise, anyone can now have online sex. With all these too much sex stuff going on in the Internet, how can we be assured that sex in the digital sphere is safe?

Online Prostitution

The Straits Times reported that 15 people were arrested for “advertising the sexual services of female escorts online.” Thanks to the Internet, almost all businesses made a leap towards digitization, the sex industry included. While some people enjoy the perks of a legalized prostitution, some government agencies are continuing their crackdown on street prostitution and online prostitution. Before making transactions for such service, make sure that it is allowed by the law.

Cyber Sex Tourism

Third world countries, such as the Philippines, are the leading destination for cyber sex tourism. Children are forced into doing lewd acts or the sexual requests of pedophiles from Western countries. Exploitation like this on children is illegal. Despite efforts to suppress cyber sex, the industry still managed to bring in billions of dollars each year.

As disturbing as it may sound, there are people whose fetish involved children. Sexual exploitation of children is a criminal act in countries such as the United States and Australia. Parents should protect their kids from these sexual predators, and not act as the pimp of these innocent kids.

Skype Sex

Couples who are far from each other usually take sexual satisfaction in pleasuring themselves on cam. Doing “Skype sex” is not a new thing in this digital era. There are people who visit chat sites and look for people they can get off with on cam. For those who frequently do this, be extra careful with your partner on cam. You don’t know whether he/she is recording your digital tryst. Your hot Skype session might be one of your headaches the next day.

The internet has made our lives easier than ever. This being said, we should be careful in harnessing its wonders, especially when sex is involved.

Green Community Fighting a Losing Battle for Digital Eyeballs

It does seem to be true that less and less people are caring about the environment in terms of visible space on the digital platforms. It could be a reaction to the huge amount of exposure generated by the global warming scare of the last decade. Human beings have a limited attention span and nobody wants to tune into bad news for too long. There are people on this planet, who thrive on being doom sayers; and that has been so since the advent of eschatological millenarians. There are pessimists and there are optimists; and perhaps we are in a more optimistic phase.

Folks online, would rather see pictures of puppies, funny videos, or selfies of each other right now, than the green gloom of impending cataclysm if we don’t act now message. How can the green community engage social media, websites, and digital newspapers better? I think that you have to vary the style of your message to keep cutting through and grabbing people’s attention. The old chestnut about the boy who kept crying wolf is relevant here; you cannot keep sending an alarmist message without understanding that its effectiveness is diminished by the regularity of its appearance.

Green Community Fighting a Losing Battle for Digital Eyeballs

Al Gore made sure that the world heard about and saw the potential for disaster that may be on our doorstep. Countless copies of the same basic message came after his and the media gorged on green everything for a number of years. The public got sick of green; the colour green became the anathema to the new black. Many positive changes were initiated by the frenzied festival of green that wrapped the globe in a green kaftan. Green will come again, but it will need to be a different shade of green; not so black and white.

Eco-disasters are still occurring around the planet, in places like China and Brazil. Groups like are doing a fine job of spreading that important message. The problem will not go away, just because the public have grown temporarily bored and jaded by the topic. Greenies will be hoping for a disaster to strike a western community, to ramp us interest and push those Islamic terrorists off the first page. When green moved out from the exclusive domain of activists and into the wider business community, its message was diluted by capitalism. That was a conscious strategy to get everyone involved in saving the planet, but it has its costs in terms of media interest.

Personal trainers that get best results online through great marketing strategies

As a personal trainer I am always marketing myself. I always have my business cards with me, ready to introduce myself to any potential client. I often stand on street corner handing out flyers, introducing myself as a personal trainer. However, it is equally important to ensure your digital life on line reflects you as a personal trainer.

Your digital life on line reflects everything that you have ever publish via the web and I do mean everything. Facebook posts, selfies, Instagram it all counts and it is mostly permanent. So I would advise to be very careful when posting something on line. I often wonder who people are trying to impress when they post information on line. As a personal trainer it very important to present a professional image on line. As a personal trainer pyrmont professional, clients will entrust to you very personal information and it is important that clients have faith in you, and one silly selfie or tweet could destroy that trust. So that is the negative side of your digital life on line.

So how does a personal trainer learn how to use social media? Now remember we are trying to use social media to promote a business, we aren’t using social media to catch up with friends or organise a diner date, so just using social media is not going to cut it. Social media is constantly changing and has many more features than the casual user would ever use. I often buy books on social media apps, $25 for a book on a new app can be a very good investment. The aim of your digital life on line is to coordinate, consolidate and distribute.

It is possible to spend hours on line sending tweets, updating Facebook profiles etc, however this is not the aim. Your digital life on line is all about efficiency, spending as less time on line as possible. Anybody who enters your little area of the web should be able see who you are and alert you to their presence. Your web page needs to link to your twitter account, to your instagram account. It has taken me many hours to get my digital life on line organised, but it has been worth it.

What is SEO and how does it assist businesses become more visible online

Search Engine Optimization is a combination of actions that enable a website to rank highly with search terms that visitors use when seeking information online.

In the year 2015 many of us have completely moved away from using traditional communication channels such as TV, Newspapers, Television to help qualify our buying decisions. Google’s search engine has since grown into a global institution for individuals, communities and organizations to setup digital shop fronts to sell their services and offer assistance to others who require a job to be done or a problem to be remedied.

Being knowledgeable about how Google ranks website pages can enable enormous opportunities for people to thrive and achieve business success while working with the new age of digital marketing that we are all now living within. With this said most businesses and individuals tend to fall short of implementing the correct strategy for obtaining top rankings online, to get the best results what is usually needed are specialists who work in the field of SEO that can guide and adjust digital strategies so that everything works the way that would achieve the best result and success.

For all those that are new to the field of Google Search and SEO a great case study and example of it working is through reviewing a search term such as compensation lawyers which many people are looking at currently due to the Volkswagen class-action that has been in the media recently.

Usually when someone is searching for a particular topic, such as compensation lawyers, they will use a set of keywords which tend to be two to four words long that are submitted into the search container on the Google home page screen.

Google will then review all of the websites that have content that relates best to the topic and present them to the visitor. The websites that have the best content or who have implemented the best SEO strategies are the ones that tend to rise the highest on Google search.

Current Office Protocols on Social Media

Current-Office-Protocols-on-Social-MediaWe live in a digital age where smart devices, blogs, texting and social media use in the office are a reality. They are all part of the current workplace. Some companies recognize the use of social media as a way to increase connection among employees, clients and customers, while others block it to make sure employees stay focused on their work. The enterprise recognizes how unrealistic it is to expect employees to completely ignore social media at the office. How companies deal with social media use in the office is a direct reflection of their corporate culture.

The recent trends show that 54% of employers are blocking social media use at the office. They believe that social media is a great time waster, the 21st century version of the water cooler. By implementing a complete block, employers feel secure that their employees are spending their time doing the work they are paid for. But a study show that blocking social media access doesn’t work and it’s counterproductive. Employees spend more time finding a way to access social networking sites than actually visiting it. Most workers today have smart devices so it’s impossible to stop them from peeking to look for their social media updates in Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram.

According to a study conducted at the University of Melbourne,  employees with access to social networks were actually more productive than employees in companies that block access. Employees who reward themselves by visiting their Facebook or Twitter account after completion of task are more invigorated and get more work done. They get nine percent more accomplished compared to their blocked counterparts.

With social media becoming a ruling means of communication, companies blocking social media access find an ally in enterprise content management system with social capabilities like SharePoint.  SharePoint 2013 enables employees to gather inside a private and secure social network thereby improving employee communication and collaboration. It makes employees more connected, and in turn reduces turnover and boost productivity. SharePoint 2016 is expected to give additional social functionality.

Social media today is used to meet corporate objectives in areas like marketing, customer service and sales. Companies allowing social media use in the office have implemented a formal policy governing its use. There is a code of conduct or guidelines expected from employees who use social media. The current office protocols on social media serve to provide standard of professional practice and conduct on social media use. When employees are on duty, they are required to use official time in an honest effort to perform their duties even with personal social media access.

Social media is neither secure nor private; posted information can go viral with no way of removing all traces of it from the Internet. Employees must be responsible for what they post online. They will be held responsible for the things they publish online even when they are at home on their own time. Employees are expected not to engage in any illegal activity and should respect others’ copyright, trademarks and the like when they’re online. They must also be polite and respectful to encourage constructive criticism when representing the company.

A smart office protocol on social media use supports employees’ natural inclination to use social media intelligently while ensuring the company is safeguarded from security risks. Company’s social media policy is a great place to reaffirm company culture. It is not enough to have a social media policy – employers must spend time and effort in training their employees about their policy. Having a clear social media policy can help employees to be responsible and think before they click.

Online Lead Generation Is The Capitalist Fuel Behind Social Media

online lead generation

Social media marketing has stood out as the primary platform for generating and nurturing leads. Compared to other channels such as telemarketing, direct mail, PPC and trade shows, social media can generate virtually 100 percent more leads.

Another interesting observation is that lead conversion, which is the prime focus of majority business owners, occurs 13 percent higher within social media as opposed to average digital marketing platforms.

Other essential factors that have boosted the popularity of social media as the prime platform for lead generation include:

• 77 percent pf B2C marketers claim they acquired clients via Facebook.
• 64 percent of marketers have quoted social media as the most essential lead generation strategy; the top one being content creation.
• Social media, compared to outbound marketing, boasts a much higher lead to close rate.
• Since 2006, social media has witnessed 365 percent increase in growth.
• 24% of the companies that use social media witnessed an increase in revenue.
• Companies that use social media experience up to 45 percent reduction in marketing costs.
• Social networks take up to 23 percent of all internet users.

Such compelling stats and facts clearly illustrate how social media continues to be the driving force behind the effective online lead generation.

These, in addition to other observations, have profiled social media as an extremely powerful online channel. Moreover, social media is poised to continue defining how people connect with products, brands and services in the near time to come.

As a business man, it’s befitting establishing a strong presence all over the social media realm and proceeding to leverage the potential these channels have when it comes to generation of leads through making use of tested digital marketing strategies.

Each business apparently knows and understands the importance of brand awareness through the use of social media. But what has stood out most though is how online lead generation has played central and doubled up as the driving force behind the continued growth of social media.

If you are just beginning on a lead generation campaign, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn are all amazing places to start. Remember, quite recently, an annual report on Inbound marketing by Hub Spot revealed that social media generates virtually double the leads of direct mail, PPC, direct mail, telemarketing, name it.

The Bottom line

From all these observations, it remains pretty clear that online lead generation continues to fuel social media in offering untapped unlimited opportunities for businesses to connect with potential leads all over the word.

Marketing Strategy for Tradies

Marketing Strategy for Tradies

It’s a competitive world and apparently, tradies haven’t been spared either. Since they provide valuable services, everyone definitely needs them.

However, how do your prospects find you and amongst all other available tradies in your field, decide to choose you?

Well, the key entirely lies on how effective the marketing strategy for tradies you’ve chosen works. So today let’s share this vital knowledge on the best marketing strategies and secrets available and how one can make the most out of them.

Create great customer experiences

First, find out what it is exactly your customers want. Thereafter, upgrade your standards of service and master how to do it best.

In addition, develop systems in order to smoothen your operations. Remember to also learn how to deal with difficult clients.

Integrating all the aforementioned will not only create loyalty, but more leads as well due to referrals from satisfied clients.

Securing your place in google places

Google place listings seem to be consistently gaining increased prominence in search engine result pages due to their geographic terms, for instance, plumber in Brisbane.

An interesting fact about these listings is that they are completely free and highly effective in attracting potential clients to you.

In addition, enlist in directories, get onboard with a credible SEO company, and fully optimise Google My Business and ensure you enlist your business with the right information in order to secure your place today.

Engage social media

Indulge diverse marketing campaigns that focus majorly on generating content that largely attracts the full attention of prospective clients thus encouraging them to like and share it as well within their small networks.

Facebook currently constitutes a great place for lead generation.

There are several other social networking sites and blogs that allow interpersonal communication amongst members, developing healthy relationships as a result.

As a businessman, you need to join this channels and integrate strategies that will assist you create more traffic towards the company and expand your digital front as well.

Enhance your Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy for tradies of all types.

First, come up with an email list then create important, convincing information that you’ll send to all the prospects and clients. Don’t also forget to send out Newsletters.

Review your website

If you possess a website that advertises your services amongst other functions, then it should also double up as your prime platform for lead generation. Make the content on your website is captivating, live and informative as well.

In addition, make optimum utilization of search engine optimization since it boasts an immense potential to get you more leads and visibility.

Bottom line

Success in business or whatever other activities you are involved in majorly lies on how effective you communicate, market and deliver your services or products.

This is especially true for tradies since they have the potential to start and run their own business then eventually face tough competition and other business challenges.

If you carefully integrate and fully implement each marketing strategy for tradies that we’ve listed, then you can easily maximize on your business and quickly rise to greatness.

How Can The Internet Help With Learning Difficulties?

Internet Help With Learning Difficulties

Technology has proved to be essential in dealing with learning difficulties. The internet, in particular, has been at the core in ensuring that much of those tools aimed at optimizing learning, for those with learning difficulties, work effectively.

One particular aspect in regards to the internet that has stood out is assistive technology.

Assistive technology

Assistive technology basically refers to devices as well as services aimed at increasing, maintaining and enhancing the capabilities of those with learning difficulties, especially students. They include majorly computer programs and tablet applications.

Assistive technology is available in order to assist individuals with various types of disabilities, including cognitive problems and physical impairment.

It’s an effective approach since it allows an individual to reach their highest potential by capitalizing on their strengths and bypassing difficult areas.

Interestingly, a good number of individuals with learning difficulties have displayed great success soon as they are allowed to utilize their abilities to work around their challenges or rather disabilities. Now, assistive technology blends both practices.

Mathematics problems

Various scholars have cited the internet as a reliable tool in facilitating effective learning for those with learning difficulties in mathematics.

Its has the potential to influence the maths being taught and enhance the student’s learning. The internet offers a huge variety of research-based practices, resources, interactive websites, lessons plans, name it to assist in this.

In addition, it’s a place where otherwise reluctant students can engage as a valuable teaching resource to them. It’s quite important to note that some students can stay with a game well past the designated time they usually stay with a paper and pen.

Peers and small groups can as well use internet mathematics resources.

Color blindness

Color blindness is a common visual disability for most men. It’s the inability to distinguish between colors.

Most affected individuals are unable to read text on many websites.

Nowadays, most sites use sufficient color contrast as well as redundant information for color. Most do these by featuring out names of the colors of the various items on the internet as well as going ahead to display a sample of the color.

Therefore, the majority of those who suffer from this can easily access the internet and be able to easily find out what they want as opposed to doing it the other way that doesn’t involve using the internet.

Web-based instructions for the deaf

Most institutions have no idea how they can provide material in accessible formats to the deaf.

Nowadays, there are guidelines that dictate how one can design websites to be accessible to such individuals, including those with multimedia.

On-line students who are deaf can now access transcribed lectures through the institutions website. This has been done through synchronizing audio resources with video descriptions making it very comprehensive for such students to learn.

Also, other internet-based solutions that have been key in assisting individuals with learning difficulties include:

• Graphical images and text to speech softwares for those with dyslexia.
• Pages with style sheets for those with hand tremor, central field vision loss and short-term memory loss.
• Different search options for those with cognitive disability such as down syndrome.


Apart from the internet being a reliable tool nowadays in assisting those with learning difficulties, disabled people are themselves extremely interested in using the internet to learn. It’s now pretty clear that the internet now has immense potential to enhance cognitive abilities, academic performance and the overall performance of an individual with learning difficulties.

Online Reputation Management vs Online Dating

Online-Reputation-Management-vs-Online-DatingOnline dating has become socially acceptable nowadays, daters can now choose from more than 1,500 dating sites in the internet to find romance online. Many online matches resulted to marriage, yet finding romance in the internet may also pose potential hazards to daters. Dating sites can unintentionally expose users to online reputation management problems.

Potential risk for online daters:
• The more personal details you provide to dating sites such as telephone number or email address, the more you put yourself at risk.
• Many people misrepresent minor or major aspects of their lives on their online dating profiles.
• Overseas financial scammers use dating sites to exhort money.
• Meeting strangers can pose potential threat to physical safety.
• Digital photographs may contain information that can compromise privacy.
• Spammers can use email address to add to their spam lists.
• Location based awareness in mobile devices is easily searchable and can reveal identity.
• Prescreening by dating sites doesn’t mean people gave accurate information.

Everyone needs a positive online image especially those who are dating online. Potential mates are more likely to research about you, so a positive reputation is your most valuable asset. Your online reputation is influenced by what you post and what others say about you. You’re leaving digital fingerprint everywhere you click, that’s why you need to be careful about what you post.

Search engines and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram  play major role in building online reputation. Internet searchers can type queries about anybody and seek pictures, videos, status updates online. People can now be easily identified with gender, birthday and zip code. This information is easily gleaned from many online profiles from social media and dating sites. Online users may be more exposed than they realize.

The surest way to protect yourself in the world of online dating is to safeguard your personal information. Here are some tips to avoid reputation risk of online dating:
• Keep your online professional and personal lives separate.
• Use a free email account from Yahoo, Gmail or other service provider; don’t use your home or company email address.
• Create a unique password for your dating profiles.
• Use your first name or username in your email “from” field when you communicate via email.
• Create a username in your accounts instead of using your given name.
• Don’t provide telephone information or home address, communicate via Skype, or you can buy a disposable cellphone for your online dating needs.
• Don’t provide personal information unless you know the person well. Even last name or phone number can be used to locate your home address.
• Change the bio text that’s imported to Tinder  or any application that uses Facebook. Remove websites or other links and replace it with generic description about yourself.
• Make sure that only friends can see your updates on Facebook and other Social media.
• Make sure your confidential personal information like social security number, credit card or bank details is not being displayed on any site.
• Remove metadata from jpeg images or scan photographs before sending it. Avoid risqué pictures; they can harm your online reputation. Think twice before giving photos to anyone you meet on online dating sites.
• Search your name on Google to learn more about you. By searching for yourself you can check if there are damaging content in your search results. Unfavourable content will keep you from meeting that special someone.

Online reputation management is important because we live online. You need to be careful about what you do, say and what you post. To get the most out of your online dating profile and not scare away potential suitors, you have to customize who can see your updates and delete unwanted information about you that appears online. Regulate who sees your information to ensure your privacy is protected and personal information isn’t accessible. By limiting personal information you safeguard your safety and security.

Tracking Waves of Desire in the Online Adult Industry


When you’re feeling an insatiable urge to explore the porn industry, you’d assume that the large American websites would be tracking your clicks. But recently even when you click between local escort or brothel websites, you can assume your clicks are being tracked. Your browsing habits are not as private as you think. Porn viewers are being tracked through online tracking and browser fingerprinting. Tracking details can include your URL information, how long you stay on the site and how many clicks you make.

Your browser like Mozilla, Chrome or whatever you use has a very unique configuration that broadcasts information that can be used to identify you as you browse the web. Every website you visit saves data to link your account to your browser fingerprint, directly or through third parties without your knowledge. When you click on brothels in Brisbane you are not just sending a request for the site – you’re sending third- party request to Google, web-tracking company, brothel directory, and to a company called Pornvertising. Even if you’re browsing in incognito mode your computer is sending other data that can identify you every time you visit.

Third party data are gathered by data brokers or specialist firm to gather information about users to help serve appropriate ads. They use technologies such as cookies, e-tags, web beacons and other tools. All this allows firms to see what sites you visit, what you shopped for and what postcode you live and other personal information.

Porn visitors are at serious risk of being exploited by cyber criminals. Cheating site Ashley Madison fell victim to hackers who claim to have captured the personal information of all its users. The hackers threaten to publish the whole data (including users’ real names, credit card numbers and sexual fantasies) and dump a little at a time if the site will not adhere to their demands. This has a number of damaging implications for the users including potential humiliation.

Incognito browsing don’t prohibit third party mechanism. Private browsing and clearing your history won’t stop data brokers from being able to track you. Each site has a tracking elements installed and keep transmitting your data to a number of third-party corporations like Google or Pornvertising. Incognito mode won’t stop these companies from tracking you. It’s incredibly hard to ensure zero traceability, IP address can still be identified through ISP records.

The threat of third-party corporations tracking your browsing habits and the threat of hackers leaking personal information is certainly possible. There are no laws stating what can and can’t be done with the data. They could use it to tailor what advertisements you see. Porn dominates the web, 25% of web searches are for porn. These sites are reliant on advertising to make money. Regulation on the adult industry’s self-regulated guidelines do not prohibit the tracking or use of data related to a person’s interest or participation in pornography.

Move Over Phone Sex: It’s Now Video Sex and Web Cam Girls

It used to be the breathy voice of an anonymous stranger over the phone, which turned us on. That lady’s voice would whisper what she wanted us to do to her with our big appendages. Talking dirty was the key to a small gold mine for phone sex operators around the globe. Because there were no pictures the positions were open to anyone, who could pretend to sound like an attractive girl having sex. Customers were really paying to use their own imaginations; which is not so surprising really.

A very big part of sex is what happens between the ears, we all turn ourselves on and off, when it comes down to it. The brain controls our experiences of pleasure and pain. And, as Chrissy used to sing, “it’s a fine line between….” Well, move over phone sex: it’s now video sex and web cam girls. Which I suppose will put quite a few fat, ugly and gender challenged phone sex workers out of a job. No longer will the operative be able to lounge around in tracky daks watching daytime soaps whilst pretending to be having the sexual experience of her life.

Good looking girls with great bodies and flexible moves will be coming to the fore. Camera skills may also be important if the operative is running a solo operation. Narcissism is a quality that would take these girls to the top of their trade. Disembodied sex is all part of the digital revolution, with smart phones capturing all the action and the girls giving a running commentary. It reminds me of the race caller, really, “now, I am coming down the main straight, yes I’m coming, I’m coming, I am really coming now”. Phone sex versus video sex an all girl wrestling match; so UFC.

The voyeur watching women doing things to themselves online is the boy in the bubble. Safe from germs and bacteria, safe from bodily fluids; and safe from any real human contact. Sex or masturbation? I watched a great movie about men falling in love with the disembodied voices on their phone’s operating system; it was called She. People were having relationships with their electronic devices, which is not too far away from what is happening in the world today. A sexy voice will always have a place in the hearts and groins of humanity. Excuse me Sir, would you like pictures with that?

The Commercial Sides to Selling Sex Online

From porn to escorts directories, the internet has developed so many ways to appeal to the human’s libidinal instinct. Where there’s a willy there’s a way to make money. A lot of women say that men think with their dicks, well, they must do a lot of thinking. And, much of that thinking these days happens online. The flickering screen is alive with dots doing things to other dots, pixels poking pixels, and microns munching microns. Charles Darwin would be proud to see that evolution does not let anything stand in its way.

Men and women are chemically programmed to promulgate the species. If a bloke finds himself with a bit of spare time on his hands, then his thoughts tend toward the appendage with the brain. And, as we spend most of our waking hours in front of those computer screens, he seeks to find satisfaction online. Digital penetration has taken on a whole new meaning since I was at school. Wanking to dirty magazines has been replaced by a whole industry of pornographic moving pictures. The adults only market is alive with pumps and sprays to make your penis look like Arnold Swarzenegger. Because, of course, everything looks bigger on the screen. The commercial sides to selling sex online are mega.

There are women who do things with their orifices that only East German swimmers used to be able to do. Some anuses remind physicists of those black holes in outer space. There are numerous categories of porn to consider, so that you can find your fetish and be digitally fulfilled in cyber space. There are girls pissing on themselves and others, for those who are entertained by the yellow river. There are enormous toys which prove the stretching capabilities of vaginas and anuses; which is lucky when you consider the size of some babies these days.

The Internet is a visual escorts directory with girls of every shape, colour and geographic territory available. Choose a perky princess and hope that the camera does not lie as much as it does in the online dating business. Credit cards are purchasing sex in every possible format in the digital realm, the cash registers are singing, metaphorically speaking, as they have become almost obsolete in the high tech world of smart phones and tablets. Will Mental As Anything, now, be singing, “the dicks are getting bigger”? The funny thing about penis enlargement is that it only works in the flaccid state, so it is addressing the cosmetic appearance and not the functionality of that intelligent organ.