How Are You Marketing Yourself Online?

The modern workplace is fraught with peril: from the inevitable ill-timed papercut which always seems to appear on the finger that you most need for texting, to individuals who eat your clearly marked food out of the fridge. However, no peril is greater or more costly to a business than that posed by the improper use of social media during working hours. People love to be connected at all times and even while at work, millions of people regularly check their social media feeds, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and a slew of others. Collectively, this results in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of productivity around the world. The truth, is social media is not the enemy of your business; rather depending on how it is utilized, it can actually be its saviour.

How can social media help my business?

First and foremost, you will need to design your own personal digital strategy. The use of social media has been instrumental in the meteoric rise of many campaigns and businesses around the world, from presidential campaigns like Barack Obama’s in 2008, to creating billion-dollar industries like Facebook. The fact is, social media is an immensely powerful tool when leveraged correctly to be able to get information about your business out to the public, to help people understand what you and your business offer, and in many cases, to help build an important fanbase of individuals who will not just follow your page on Facebook or other social media links but will share them to other friends as well.

Doing it right

One of the most important things about getting your social media strategy done right is to have a professional social media marketing team helping. Just owning a Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat account is not enough to be considered expert. There are specialist advertisers who work to help increase your social media footprint and get your information out in a way the public will find interesting – and that will become self-perpetuating.

Self-perpetuating is the key. The goal, of course, is that for every one person you reach, he or she will send it on to many others. When done correctly, this can lead to greater than exponential growth as friends share with other friends about the services or products you offer. However, a winning campaign is not done by chance usually, but rather it is done by individuals with expertise in the market, people who understand the power and the proper utilization of social media, and by individuals who know that it is not just enough to put out a good deal, it is more important to utilize social media to make a human connection with your prospective clients.

Making a strategy that’s right for you

The kind of strategy you implement and the things you will do will all vary between different businesses and depend on you as a person. As mentioned earlier, the greatest tip for being able to enhance your web presence, and get people to follow you and share details on social media, is the social aspect. Work less on trying to sell items, and more about selling the brand. Work hard at actually creating authentic digital social relationships with prospective clients and let them do the advertising for you.

Is Sex Safe on the Internet?

The Internet has proven itself to be a useful tool in today’s world. With it, we can send files in a matter of seconds. For foodies, they can now look up for new restaurants and read customer reviews without having the need to check it out by themselves. More so, the Internet provides us a seemingly boundless communication network where people who are miles apart can do business or talk about personal things.

Due to these developments, many businesses have increased their online presence. As a matter of fact, companies now include digital and social media marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Even industries that offer explicit content have also proliferated online. Based on data, 4 percent of the most trafficked websites are adult themed. But despite this number, it seems that sex has dominated the digital sphere.

People who are looking for casual fun can book escorts or prostitutes in just a click. Moreover, porn websites have reigned the Internet traffic. Without a surprise, anyone can now have online sex. With all these too much sex stuff going on in the Internet, how can we be assured that sex in the digital sphere is safe?

Online Prostitution

The Straits Times reported that 15 people were arrested for “advertising the sexual services of female escorts online.” Thanks to the Internet, almost all businesses made a leap towards digitization, the sex industry included. While some people enjoy the perks of a legalized prostitution, some government agencies are continuing their crackdown on street prostitution and online prostitution. Before making transactions for such service, make sure that it is allowed by the law.

Cyber Sex Tourism

Third world countries, such as the Philippines, are the leading destination for cyber sex tourism. Children are forced into doing lewd acts or the sexual requests of pedophiles from Western countries. Exploitation like this on children is illegal. Despite efforts to suppress cyber sex, the industry still managed to bring in billions of dollars each year.

As disturbing as it may sound, there are people whose fetish involved children. Sexual exploitation of children is a criminal act in countries such as the United States and Australia. Parents should protect their kids from these sexual predators, and not act as the pimp of these innocent kids.

Skype Sex

Couples who are far from each other usually take sexual satisfaction in pleasuring themselves on cam. Doing “Skype sex” is not a new thing in this digital era. There are people who visit chat sites and look for people they can get off with on cam. For those who frequently do this, be extra careful with your partner on cam. You don’t know whether he/she is recording your digital tryst. Your hot Skype session might be one of your headaches the next day.

The internet has made our lives easier than ever. This being said, we should be careful in harnessing its wonders, especially when sex is involved.

Personal trainers that get best results online through great marketing strategies

As a personal trainer I am always marketing myself. I always have my business cards with me, ready to introduce myself to any potential client. I often stand on street corner handing out flyers, introducing myself as a personal trainer. However, it is equally important to ensure your digital life on line reflects you as a personal trainer.

Your digital life on line reflects everything that you have ever publish via the web and I do mean everything. Facebook posts, selfies, Instagram it all counts and it is mostly permanent. So I would advise to be very careful when posting something on line. I often wonder who people are trying to impress when they post information on line. As a personal trainer it very important to present a professional image on line. As a personal trainer pyrmont professional, clients will entrust to you very personal information and it is important that clients have faith in you, and one silly selfie or tweet could destroy that trust. So that is the negative side of your digital life on line.

So how does a personal trainer learn how to use social media? Now remember we are trying to use social media to promote a business, we aren’t using social media to catch up with friends or organise a diner date, so just using social media is not going to cut it. Social media is constantly changing and has many more features than the casual user would ever use. I often buy books on social media apps, $25 for a book on a new app can be a very good investment. The aim of your digital life on line is to coordinate, consolidate and distribute.

It is possible to spend hours on line sending tweets, updating Facebook profiles etc, however this is not the aim. Your digital life on line is all about efficiency, spending as less time on line as possible. Anybody who enters your little area of the web should be able see who you are and alert you to their presence. Your web page needs to link to your twitter account, to your instagram account. It has taken me many hours to get my digital life on line organised, but it has been worth it.

What is SEO and how does it assist businesses become more visible online

Search Engine Optimization is a combination of actions that enable a website to rank highly with search terms that visitors use when seeking information online.

In the year 2015 many of us have completely moved away from using traditional communication channels such as TV, Newspapers, Television to help qualify our buying decisions. Google’s search engine has since grown into a global institution for individuals, communities and organizations to setup digital shop fronts to sell their services and offer assistance to others who require a job to be done or a problem to be remedied.

Being knowledgeable about how Google ranks website pages can enable enormous opportunities for people to thrive and achieve business success while working with the new age of digital marketing that we are all now living within. With this said most businesses and individuals tend to fall short of implementing the correct strategy for obtaining top rankings online, to get the best results what is usually needed are specialists who work in the field of SEO that can guide and adjust digital strategies so that everything works the way that would achieve the best result and success.

For all those that are new to the field of Google Search and SEO a great case study and example of it working is through reviewing a search term such as compensation lawyers which many people are looking at currently due to the Volkswagen class-action that has been in the media recently.

Usually when someone is searching for a particular topic, such as compensation lawyers, they will use a set of keywords which tend to be two to four words long that are submitted into the search container on the Google home page screen.

Google will then review all of the websites that have content that relates best to the topic and present them to the visitor. The websites that have the best content or who have implemented the best SEO strategies are the ones that tend to rise the highest on Google search.