Hacking is becoming more and more of a hot topic lately as it becomes increasingly prevalent in society. There seem to be attacks on our private information and networks like never before.

Whether you’re being cat fished on Twitter, having a romance gig pulled on you on FB or are being 419’d via email nothing really compares to being hacked. Because in the case of a targeted hack, you can’t use common sense to simply ignore the Nigerian prince, or beautiful Russian woman who is ‘head over heels’ in love with you.

That all requires someone being in your face and getting your consent. True hacking is more akin to being a cat burglar, finding a weak point into your home and then rifling through all your things. Then stealing your things, without anything physically actually being taken. Then they have all your stuff, but they sell it to a bunch of people around the world on the internet and suddenly you are being robbed by people in other countries for a laugh.

So, it’s pretty serious.

How do you stop getting hacked? I can’t give you a definitive answer, but I can give you some advice.

1. Pretty much never use Flash by Adobe. Major security vulnerabilities recently unearthed led to organisations like Firefox banning the software from running on their browsers. Because it could be exploited if you looked at the wrong font on the internet. Seriously.

2. Don’t open unexpected packages. By packages I mean attachments. When someone drops a crazy package off at your doorstep, or while you’re waiting for a train etc. do you open it? Hell no. Don’t take candy from strangers. You’ll be dragged off in the digital free candy van from hell.

3. Don’t go visiting parts of the internet which are not secure. I.e. image galleries suggesting to you on FB. Amazingimagesgallerysuperwettshirts.com is not a good place to spend your time on the net.

4. Use antivirus. Seriously. You may as well, it catches out the auto software looking to dance through your computer stealing your stuff.

5. Update your operating system. Microsoft and Apple update their software to counter threats, don’t let all the hardwork of their employees go to waste.

5. Speaking of, don’t think you’re 100% secure because you use a Mac. As the user base has increased so has the level of opportunity for hackers. In fact one professional hacker once showed he could hack a Mac within 3 minutes.