The Commercial Sides to Selling Sex Online

From porn to escorts directories, the internet has developed so many ways to appeal to the human’s libidinal instinct. Where there’s a willy there’s a way to make money. A lot of women say that men think with their dicks, well, they must do a lot of thinking. And, much of that thinking these days happens online. The flickering screen is alive with dots doing things to other dots, pixels poking pixels, and microns munching microns. Charles Darwin would be proud to see that evolution does not let anything stand in its way.

Men and women are chemically programmed to promulgate the species. If a bloke finds himself with a bit of spare time on his hands, then his thoughts tend toward the appendage with the brain. And, as we spend most of our waking hours in front of those computer screens, he seeks to find satisfaction online. Digital penetration has taken on a whole new meaning since I was at school. Wanking to dirty magazines has been replaced by a whole industry of pornographic moving pictures. The adults only market is alive with pumps and sprays to make your penis look like Arnold Swarzenegger. Because, of course, everything looks bigger on the screen. The commercial sides to selling sex online are mega.

There are women who do things with their orifices that only East German swimmers used to be able to do. Some anuses remind physicists of those black holes in outer space. There are numerous categories of porn to consider, so that you can find your fetish and be digitally fulfilled in cyber space. There are girls pissing on themselves and others, for those who are entertained by the yellow river. There are enormous toys which prove the stretching capabilities of vaginas and anuses; which is lucky when you consider the size of some babies these days.

The Internet is a visual escorts directory with girls of every shape, colour and geographic territory available. Choose a perky princess and hope that the camera does not lie as much as it does in the online dating business. Credit cards are purchasing sex in every possible format in the digital realm, the cash registers are singing, metaphorically speaking, as they have become almost obsolete in the high tech world of smart phones and tablets. Will Mental As Anything, now, be singing, “the dicks are getting bigger”? The funny thing about penis enlargement is that it only works in the flaccid state, so it is addressing the cosmetic appearance and not the functionality of that intelligent organ.