Will Facebook Soon Be Social Media For Over-50s Only?

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has transformed the way people communicate and express themselves, voicing out opinions and sharing them with the world. As an online social networking site, Facebook has something to offer to different age groups – from connecting with friends and family, as well as keeping them aware about the news and world events.

Facebook Social Media for Over 50s

The growth of older adults using social media has been surprisingly high over the past years. For the 50 and over age group, Facebook is more appealing as it’s very easy to use. With this platform, there is little need to remember names or email addresses and it offers real-time access to people at different locations around the world.

Sharing and the need for communication become more vital with age, and this is why Facebook is also more attractive to older people. It’s a platform for them to share their feelings, opinions, and experiences relating to their world, their home and family with friends via videos and photographs.

Aside from being social, Facebook may be a really good vehicle for older people to find what they’re looking for in terms of social commerce and even financial planning help.

Facebook used to be a one-stop shop for all social-networking needs, but there has been a notable decline in its younger demographic, particularly the teens and the tweens. It’s no longer the younger crowd’s favourite digital hangout as the way people are engaging with social networks is changing rapidly.

One of the other reasons why the younger generations are jumping off Facebook is because of the emergence of different social networking sites and apps which is dividing their attention. Teens and tweens like social media platforms which lets them do it all – write, text, chat, and meet new friends and share their pictures and videos, and they don’t mind joining and keeping various sites as each one offers something interesting and different to them.

Some of the apps and websites the younger generations are heading to after Facebook are:

Micro-blogging apps and sites

Texting apps

Self-Destructing/Secret apps

Chatting, Meeting, Dating apps and sites

With Facebook losing its younger audience, the big question is, will it soon be social media for over 50’s only?